Brief Guide About Bonuses

If there is an online casino that cares about your gambling success, it is 21bit Casino. Players love bonuses, but this love is constantly threatened by wagering conditions. We aren’t oblivious to your plight, which is why we make our bonuses as fair and transparent as possible, making this burden lighter and freeing you up to enjoy the bonuses you very well deserve.

Free Spins

The free spins bonus of 21bit Casino is something to be giddy about. This ranks as one of the best bonus offers you can find anywhere. Think of all the cool games you can play with this bonus, not even to mention loads of money that will find its way into your account as a result of its use. The fun gets heightened when you know that you have unused spins in reserve and, best of all, that they came free of charge. That’s exactly what the 21bit Casino brand wants for you.

To further blow your mind, the free spins bonus is not a one-time thing, as far as 21bit Casino is concerned. If you make this casino your regular gambling destination, you will never run out of free spins. And each new offer is better than the last. If this sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to sign up for 21bit Casino.

Deposit Bonus

To protect you from the complications of claiming the 21bit casino bonus offer after making your first deposit, 21bit Casino would rather have you make a four times deposit of at least $10. When this is done, your deposited funds will be matched.

If you thought that was all 21bit Casino has for you, then you don’t understand how committed this brand is to your happiness. Following the deposit bonus very closely to free spins that can be used to play in slot. Knowing all this, if you name the 21bit Casino “the home of bonuses”, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Cashback Bonus

At this point, you should know that 21bit Casino is a very generous gambling venue, and as such, whatever you invest into the casino will still find a way to return to you. 21bit Casino has a cashback bonus for players who play regularly here. Even if you are recording losses, don’t fret because this casino has plans to compensate you for the losses.

At the end of every lose, 21bit Casino will calculate 10% of the total amount you spent and will return it to you as a cashback bonus. When you receive this bonus cash, you can use it to wager on games and hopefully, lady luck will smile at you, and your bet will be a win and not a loss.

Reload Bonus

As long as you’re a member of the 21bit Casino, you should start getting used to the idea of constant bonuses. Even when you think it’s enough, 21bit Casino will find more reasons to give you more incentives. The idea is pretty simple – to provide you with more bonuses than you can handle.

21bit Casino will surprise you with weekend bonuses. Don’t be alarmed when you see some number changes on your casino account; it’s the casino topping up your funds for some good ole weekend cash. This is done through the Weekend Reload Bonus which was created to ensure that players never run out of money to place stakes.

Loyalty Program

21bit Casino is loyal to its customers, and likewise, it expects such a level of commitment from you. Your duty to the casino, which is basically patronage, will be rewarded. As we already know, this site is always dishing out incentives, so the players who aren’t consistent will be excluded from the loyalty program.

But what’s this program all about, you might ask? Players who qualify for the loyalty program will be awarded extra 21bit casino promotions, which will go a long way to make your overall online casino gambling a happier experience.

In case you think that you need to spend a fortune to qualify for this 21bit bonus, you couldn’t be more wrong. 21bit Casino is all about fun and laughter, and it doesn’t matter how much you invest in the casino. 21bit Casino just loves to know that players are having a good time on their platform. Those who are active participants in the casino will be enjoy extra benefits as a part of  the loyalty program.


21bit Casino was designed with you in mind. It was set up as a safe place where punters from around the world could come and relax with the best games and bonuses. It doesn’t matter what your experience is so far with online casino bonus offers, but we assure you that you will be stunned by the amount of various 21bit bonus offers. You will be so amazed that you’d wonder why you didn’t find this platform sooner.

Well, you’re here now, and there is no better time to start enjoying the abundant bonuses of this site than now. Sign up right away and kickstart your gambling activities with the impressive 21bit Casino Welcome Bonus, and from then onwards, it’s an avalanche of rewards. Have fun and good luck!