The Privacy Policy symbolizes the agreement between the player and the casino. When you sign up, it proves that you agree with all the Privacy Policy states. The casino is at liberty to effect changes in the Privacy Policy without informing you beforehand and you have to ensure you’re always up to date on the casino’s Privacy Policy.

What Information We Require

Generally, we ask for personal information like:

  • Full legal name, date of birth, email address, phone number and more;
  • Every form of communication between the player and casino via live chat, phone, email or any other means;
  • Your transaction history, which can be requested for at any time by the authorities;
  • User data like login details, traffic data, which will be used to enforce legislative statutes.

How Your Information Will Be Put To Use

Your data that serves a particular purpose will not be abused but will be handled with care. Your data will be used to:

  • Confirm your identity;
  • Process your bets and financial transactions at the online casino. This will involve a record of your credit or debit card transactions;
  • Reach out to you concerning a complaint to the customer service;
  • Keep an eye on various transactions to prove illegal activities like money laundering, abuse, irregular gambling and other vices;
  • Keep you updated on the most recent promotional offers but only if we are authorized to do this by the player.

Obtaining Personal Information

The casino will not take your personal information without you knowing about it. But at the same time, you should be aware that when you use our services, you provide us with your data automatically and this may be saved without notifying you first;

The law approves of us receiving personal information from third-party companies, like fraud prevention companies about our players. This is necessary for improving the gambling experience of players and to beef up the security of our website;

Take note that your data already in the possession of third-party sites, such as vendors, e-commerce sites, and others, can be collected by us. Don’t be alarmed, however, by this because we are mandated by law to keep your data safe. Even in the event of any partnership between us and a third party, rest assured that your data will not be shared with them.